Polskie Stowarzyszenie Lekarzy Weterynarii Małych Zwierząt HELP FOR UKRAINE - ENGLISH VERSION

  • Dear Colleagues from Poland and Around the World.

    PSAVA, like hundreds of other organisations and tens of thousands of individuals, strives to help the citizens and animals of Ukraine. To this end, we have organised two points (hubs) in Poland, where we provide medical supplies and dressing materials. These are:

    • Wrocław Department of Reproduction managed by Prof. Wojciech Niżański, President Elect of PSAVA
    • Lublin Clinic of Infectious Diseases managed by Prof. Stanisław Winiarczyk, Vice President of FVE

    We established cooperation with Professor Vasyl Stefanyk from the University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies in Lviv.

    Materials collected in Polish hubs are sent to the University in Lviv and further into Ukraine as needed. This way seems relatively reliable and safe from unfairness and ambiguity.

    As PSAVA must operate within the confines of current law, we cannot purchase veterinary medications. However, we are allowed to purchase medical supplies and bandages for both humans and animals. The first transports of such materials purchased by the PSAVA and collected at the universities in Wrocław and Lublin have already been shipped to Lviv.

    Should you like to help, please buy the above materials in collective packages (boxes, pallets – not individual items) and deliver them to the abovementioned points along with a written inventory of the supplies provided.

    You can also make a monetary donation to the PSAVA to the accounts below, stating "donation for statutory activities" as the title of transfer (very important!). These funds will be used to purchase necessary materials and send them to Ukraine.



    SWIFT Code:



    Santander Bank Polska S.A.

    We need to help both the people and animals that come to Poland with Ukrainian Refugees. These matters are regulated by Polish sanitary and veterinary regulations. The relevant information shall be provided by the Veterinary Inspection.

    We repeat our call for all Fellow Veterinarians to offer free veterinary services to animals in need that are coming from Ukraine.

    Under a special law, the citizens of Ukraine arriving on the territory of Poland obtain the following rights after registration:

    1. Temporary right of residence in Poland for 1.5 year
    2. PESEL number
    3. Temporary work permit
    4. Right to free medical care in Poland
    5. Eligibility for benefits and social assistance
    6. Children from Ukraine have the right to free primary and secondary education.
    7. Those who "host" refugees will receive financial support of 40 PLN (10 USD) per person per day for 2 months.

    At the same time, we would like to inform that under existing legislation it is currently not possible for veterinarians from Ukraine to obtain a temporary right to practice veterinary medicine in Poland. However, nothing stands in the way of employing Ukrainian vets in veterinary care institutions as auxiliary and technical staff (when they register and obtain a PESEL number, of course).

    Andrzej Lisowski
    President of PSAVA

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